Megabus UK Review- A Wandering Scribbler
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Megabus: UK’s Cheapest Mode of Transport: Review

Megabus: UK’s Cheapest Mode of Transport: Review


For a trip around the UK I had really wanted to take a train.  It seemed romantic and typically British.  Maybe it was just my love for Harry Potter that made me want to travel by train.  But those dreams were dashed early on when I saw the prices.  One example was when I looked for a train from London to Bristol.  It was over £50.  Which I didn’t think was too bad.  But then on a tip I checked out Megabus.  I paid £4 for the same trip.  The bus did take a little longer, and obviously wasn’t as scenic, but the price difference made up for any inconvenience, which, really, there weren’t any.

I used Megabus to make a round trip from London, stopping in Bristol (and Bath) Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester (and Liverpool), Glasgow and Edinburgh.  For each trip I paid no more than £6 and sometimes as little as £1.  The busses were clean and, for me, were never late.  Some busses, especially those for longer trips like Manchester to Glasgow, had free wifi and power outlets.  The double decker busses even had tables on the lower level.

I did have one sort-of problem, going from Cardiff to Manchester.  First the bus to pick me up broke down on the way, and thenon a second, temporary bus, we lost power.  It was a little unnerving because everything seemed to be going wrong and it was 5 AM so my patience was a little low.  But each problem was quickly resolved.  The drivers, all three that I dealt with, were friendly and helpful, they basically held my hand and took me where I needed to go, putting me on busses to different cities and letting the next driver know my situation.  It got to Manchester a little late, but considering all of the mishaps it wasn’t late enough to really complain.

I had a great experience with Megabus and would recommend and use them again in the UK.

You can plan trips and look at their routes on their website.

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