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How To Get Organized for Early Morning Travel

How To Get Organized for Early Morning Travel

suitcaseI am not not a morning person at all but sometimes, most of the time it seems, travel forces us out of bed way before we want to.  I’ve become a master at getting ready the day or night before so I have to do as little hard thinking as possible when I have to wake up.  i’ve found that if I leave any big decisions or to-dos for the morning they never get done properly, or at all.  So I’ve stopped relying on my sleepy brain and started letting my awake brain do the hard work.  Here are a few things that work for me to get organized for early morning travel.

  • Pack EVERYTHING the Night Before: I cannot be trusted to pack, anything when I’m tired or rushing out the door.  I’ve left so many weird things behind because I thought I would remember them in the morning.  But obviously, those little things aren’t what we’re worried about at three AM.
  • What you can’t pack, put all together: I leave out my toothbrush and change of clothes, shower supplies if necessary but I always leave them together.  I don’t want to be fumbling around in a dark hostel room looking for toothpaste when I’m trying to rush out.  With everything in one location I know I’m not missing anything.
  • Pick entire outfit before: Life is so much easier when I don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning.  Instead I can zone out, pretend I’m sleeping, and just go through the motions.  Also, it makes sure that your suitcase or backpack is going to shut correctly and you don’t have to worry about emptying the entire thing to look for underwear at the bottom.
  • Think about the day ahead:  I always plan for the day ahead.  If I only have one plane or bus ride before I can get to another hostel, I might not shower, also depending on my current hygiene status.  But If everything works out, not showing in the morning cuts down a lot of time.  It also means that I don’t have to lug around a wet towel.  Maybe I’ll shower the night before, and let my towel air dry before putting it in m suitcase the next morning.
  • On busHave ALL documents for travel ready:  There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport or off the bus and realizing your information (flight/ confirmation number, hostel name) or passport are in the bottom of your packed suitcase.  Or even if they are in my smaller bag, I hate fumbling, half-asleep, half-panicking, trying to find everything.  If I make sure the night before that everything is in order I have less stress in the morning, and can usually sleep better.
  • Plan for your “morning brain”:  Morning brains are nothing like our usually brains.  They are easily distracted, usually day dreaming (about sleep) and can easily overlook normal things.  If you know you always do something in the morning, or when extremely tired, plan for that.  You need coffee? Check out before where you’re going to be, when’s the best time to get it.  Need to eat soon after waking?  Get something the night before, or plan your purchase ahead.  Whatever it is, the more you think about it before, the less you have to think about it when your brain isn’t functioning normally.

Planning ahead doesn’t have to take a long time.  It can be very simple and easy and will de-stress early morning travels.  Maybe you do something of these things right now.  Tell me about them.  And what else do you need to do to have a successful start, or middle, or end, to a trip?

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