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5 Ways to Get Out of a Shy Funk


5 Ways to Get Out of a Shy Funk

sunset.watermarkSometimes traveling alone can take a toll on our confidence.  The time spent alone, stuck in our own heads, can get us down. And if we’re already shy, this can be even worse because the energy needed to force ourselves to be outgoing gets lost along the way.  When this happens to me I have a few tricks to getting out of a shy funk and back to “pretending” to be confident.

  1. Go to a bookstore. When staying in hostels I can’t help but feel a little crowded and overwhelmed.  For someone shy it feels like I always have to be “on” which wears me out.  But I’ve found that going to a bookstore, either sitting in the cafe or a comfy chair in a corner, and reading a book is a way for me to get some energy back.  Because people in bookstores normally don’t want to talk, and won’t usually bother people reading, I don’t feel like I have to talk to them like those in my hostel room.  For the most part, the people in the hostel are potential new friends or at least travel buddies for that city, so I don’t want to alienate myself as the girl who doesn’t speak or always reads.  So I read while I’m out, taking my mind away from my current situation, and energizing so I can make those friends at the hostel.
  2. Take a walking tour. If it’s a tour consisting of something you like, for me it might be something literary or a historical subject I know, it might jolt you out of a funk.  It might make you excited about travel again, enough that you forget how worn out you are and make you confident again.  Also, if you’re in a group of people with similar interests you might not have to try as hard to spark up a conversation.  This could lead to making new friends and getting out of the funk.
  3. Call home. Sometimes all we need is a long talk with someone we know well.  It doesn’t hurt if this person can make you laugh, either.  Usually we get so wrapped up in our own heads that we forget we are eloquent, confident, happy, or even funny.  Talking to someone can remind us of this and pull us out of the funk we’ve fallen into.
  4. Go to a movie. Like being alone in a bookstore, you can be alone, and even more secluded, in a movie theater. When the lights go down and you’re watching a movie you can be in a different place for a while.  No one’s looking at you, talking to you, or can even see you, and it might be enough for you to pull out of the slump, feel reenergized and get back on track.
  5. Do something new. Even if you’re in a new city that might not be enough to jolt you out of a funk.  But doing something new (something involving adrenaline doesn’t hurt) can pull you out of that funk.  Whether it’s an extreme sport like bungee jumping or cliff diving, or just something new and exciting like eating a new food or visiting an exciting attraction that has seemed difficult to do. Whatever it is that you’ve never done before, it might just be the ticket to restarting your confidence.


Do you have any tips for beating shyness or getting out of a travel funk?  If so, leave them in the comments.  I know I could do with some more ideas!


And if you want more tips and posts about being shy and traveling visit the Dealing with Shyness Page.

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