Blarney Castle Photo Essay - A Wandering Scribbler
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Blarney Castle Photo Essay

Blarney Castle Photo Essay

Blarney Castle was one of those places where I had to go while in Ireland.  But like many places before Blarney: Westminster Abbey, Loche Ness, and Versailles, I didn’t know why I had to go.  It was like those names, something that has become synonymous with a place whether it’s really a “must see” or not.  Sometimes places have just become tourist locations where locals wonder why these foreigners flock there (though Versailles doesn’t fit that category).

And while I don’t think there’s anything wrong with going to these places, we can’t deny that’s what they are.  And Blarney Castle is just that.  It’s set back along a path from two large car parks that are filled with tour buses.  It’s in a tiny town that most people only see from behind glass, and most people don’t even know the history of the castle, myself included.

But of course I was still going.  Kiss the Blarney Stone?  Even this germ-aphobe didn’t want to pass that up.  It’s a funny story and I only know, personally, one other person who’s done it, and it was the friend I went with.  If nothing else it’s a funny story to tell your grandkids.


Blarney TowerDSCN2406

These creepy eyes were part of an exhibit that was throughout the castle grounds.  Strange, but kind of fitting with the upcoming garden.

Blarney Castle is mostly in ruins, not what I was expecting, but the structure that’s standing is impressive.castle view

We walked to the top of very small winding steps and looked out across to the small town Blarney is close to.  DSCN2409Blarney Castle

One of the small paths at the top of the castle.  Blarney Castle DSCN2412 The very top of the castle, standing in line for the Blarney Stone.  Mostly everyone who went to the top kissed the stone. You can also see the middle of the castle where other floors used to be but is now just empty.DSCN2413 Kissing the Blarney Stone!  The man holding onto me is solely there to guide you and make sure you don’t plummet to your death.  Below my head you can kind of see the ground far below.  There are a few bars now, after someone died I believe, but this man speaks to you the whole time: “All right, now lean back, grab the hand rails, tilt your head, pucker up, and there you go.” And of course it was in a thick Irish accent which made it all that much funnier. I didn’t even have time to whimp out or think of the germs.  I for sure did after when I wiped my mouth a million times and even went so far as to use antibacterial, which I wouldn’t recommend accidentally licking. DSCN2414Poison Garden After the castle we walked around the grounds, first in the poison garden.  DSCN2417 DSCN2418 DSCN2419Poison GardenDSCN2421 DSCN2423 Then we wandered through the other, less poisonous (as far as we knew) gardens.DSCN2428 DSCN2430 DSCN2431 DSCN2433 Garden Garden Garden Garden

Did you kiss the Blarney Stone too!  Tell me about it and tell me if that cute man was there for you too!


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