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Taking the Night Train from Zurich to Ljubljana

Taking the Night Train from Zurich to Ljubljana

By far the best decision I’ve made this trip is to get a sleeper car for the 12 hour trip night train from train cabinZurich to Ljubljana.  I was tempted to get a cheaper seat but after the lady at the ticket counter insisted I shouldn’t, I listened to her.  Which maybe that was a good thing because then she went out of her way to find different discounts to keep bringing the price down.  Though, I don’t really know how much, she just kept clicking on her computer, oohing and aahing as she found different things.

Anyway, I’d never been on a night train alone in a sleeper car before.  A few years ago I took the night train from Prague to Warsaw but I was with family, and we were all in one compartment, and were used to being cramped and crowded together.  On this train, I would be with 5 strangers, in a tiny space, in the dark. Definitely not my favorite thing to do.

But I got really lucky.  There was only one other woman in the compartment, who was from Ljubljana, and told me a ton of stuff to do in Ljubljana and Slovenia.   The train was pretty new, newer than the Russian train I’d taken from Prague, and most people spoke English.  The bathrooms were… train bathrooms so nothing to write home about, and I had enough room to put all of my things in our compartment.

I stayed up for a while, not wanting to go to sleep right at 9, like the other woman, and so I read, lolling with the motion of the train.  There were also outlets in our compartment so I could charge my phone.

trainWhen I was ready to go to bed, I basically just closed my eyes and went to sleep.  I woke up a few times in the night, just to find a more comfortable position but that’s normal for me.  There were no loud whistles like I’ve heard from other overnight train rides, or if there were, I didn’t hear them, and luckily no one came in our compartment in the middle of the night to find their bed.

I woke up in the morning when the other woman woke up.  The sun was pretty bright coming in the window and while I would have liked to sleep a little more, it wasn’t because I was exhausted, just because I love sleep.  I brushed my teeth with the free bottled water, and my lush toothy tabs, so I didn’t feel bad about spitting basically onto the tracks below (I don’t understand how that’s still okay), through the sink.

And when I got to Ljubljana I was ready to go about my day even though it was really hot already, and I had a bit of a walk to my hostel. I wasn’t tired, and I was relatively not gross.

photo2And especially after the trains I took after this from Ljubljana to Prague, I am really happy I got a sleeper car- but that’s another story- a really long, boring, and annoying story.

And so if you’re trying to get from Zurich to Ljubljana, I would definitely recommend a night train.  It was about $100, which, I don’t think is bad considering I didn’t pay for a night at a hotel, and coming from Switzerland, everything was around that price for one night.  It’s easy to get to and from the train stations in both cities and an easy journey.

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    Posted at 00:06h, 27 November Reply

    hihi! how much did you manage to pay for a last min ticket off the booth.

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