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Bucketlist Kickstarter Review

Bucketlist Kickstarter Review

You might know that I love making lists.  It feels good to set goals and almost make them tangible by putting them on paper.  But most importantly, I love crossing things off.  So, naturally, I love bucket lists.  Call them whatever you want, wish lists, life lists, to-do lists, they’re the same thing: things you want to do during your life.  Most people have lists like this of some kind because we like setting goals for our lives, like accomplishing things, and like knowing we’ve done something with our time.

Bucketlist.org is coming out with an app that allows you to create your own list and cross items off in real time.  It’s such a cool way to make a list and keep track of all you’re doing.  You can also connect with others to get inspired or share ideas.  It’s a fun, and new way to keep track of your goals, on a device you always have with you: your phone.

Almost 3 million goals have already been added to Bucketlist, where you can search through them to find ones that fit you, and get inspired to try new things.  Location services on the app will now help you find things close to you, to accomplish RIGHT NOW.  Or, you search a location to find must-dos for that place.

Bucketlist also has success stories so you can be inspired and motivated to keep going and continue to be interested in crossing off your goals and living life to the fullest.

Bucketlist says that it will help you live because it will keep you from thinking “I don’t have time,” “I don’t have the resources,” or “I don’t know what to do.”  The app will help with all of these excused and help you accomplish your dreams. This is definitely an app we want to check out.


To help make the app possible, they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign.  There are many options and levels of helping out, with each level having a special gift- all that are worth way more than you’d be donating!



Make sure to check out their Kickstarter page for even more information, both about the campaign and about the app.  Even if you don’t want to help with the kickstarted, definitely check out the app once it’s out to make sure you’re living your life to the fullest!

Make sure to let me know how you feel about bucket lists or this app.  I’m especially ready to hear what you think about the Tikker watch.  Very strange…

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