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Where to Hold a Koala in Australia

Where to Hold a Koala in Australia

koalasSince starting this site and really putting down my bucket list on more than a few pieces of notebook paper, I decided not to put anything I’d already accomplished.  It seemed weird to write down things I’d already done or visited.  Wasn’t that what I’d already been writing about? It felt redundant to do it again in list form.  So I started clean, wrote down a bunch of things I’d yet to do.  And Finally! I’ve done something on that list.

I mean, I’ve been traveling and crossing places off my infinite list of places to visit, and have been doing things along the way, like kayaking in Montenegro, seeing snow-capped mountains, and snorkeling in the Adriatic, in Croatia.  But, somehow, those things didn’t make it onto my bucket list, and just happened to fall into my lap.  But here in Australia I’m actively seeking out bucket list activities because, well, it’s time to start doing what I’d said I’d wanted to.

For my first accomplishment I held a koala!  I’ve seen countless pictures with people holding koalas, my sister included, and I’d always been jealous.  So when I came to Brisbane, there was no way I was missing out.

hold a koalaI met up with a local friend- who I actually happened to meet in Europe this summer, and he took me to the Australia Zoo.  I didn’t really know much about it before he mentioned it, but after learning I could hold a koala, and that many other Australian animals were there, I was more than willing to go.

The zoo is pretty expensive, at least I think so.  It’s $59AUD for adults but luckily I got a student discount for $47AUD.  And to hold the koala I needed to pay for a professional photo, the lowest was $25AUD for a large, actually really nice one.  And my friend was able to stand next to the photographer and get a few with my camera so I had nice ones to put online.

hold a koalaI held Diesel, a pretty big guy, in the main area of the zoo, near the food courts and crocodile shows.  I waited in line, unable to stand still out of excitement, and finally got my turn.  The girl holding Diesel instructed me to hold my arms by my belly-button, then she placed Diesel on me, and told me to bring my hand up to his back.

He was like a big baby, just hanging on, and I was so excited and nervous that I could barely stand it.  I just smiled at the cameras, tried not to squeeze or love Diesel too hard, and held my nose a bit because he actually smelled quite bad.

When the girl took Diesel away I just wanted to hold him more!  She let me “pat” him for a while as no one was waiting behind me and let my friend as well, which he seemed pretty excited about.

We had a really great time at the zoo, even after my koala experience.  We saw kangaroos, echidnas, wombats- which I’d never seen before-kookaburras, snakes, crocs, and a ton of great African animals like giraffe and rhinos.

It’s a really great zoo to check out if you’re in the Brisbane area and I definitely recommend holding a koala!  I wanted to take him home with me, except for the smell…

Have you held a koala? Tell me what you thought!



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