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New Mexico Bucket List

New Mexico Bucket List

When I moved to New Mexico I thought it would be for longer than eight months. My husband kept telling me to get comfortable because we had no idea how long we could be here.  A lot of people end up staying forever, apparently. So I started to settle in.  We made lists of things we wanted to do in the area, we went skiing a lot in Taos, even getting married there. I never thought about my time here because if we were going to be here forever, I didn’t want to drag it on even longer by thinking about it in the first few months.

A few weeks ago I applied to change my license from New York to New Mexico.  I needed to officially change my last name and going back to New York just for that wasn’t really in my plans.  So for the first time I got a license that wasn’t from the state I was born.  I’ve lived in other states but I never needed or wanted to change it.  I still feel weird not seeing my flimsy, little NY one.

Anyway, I finally made the step and went to the MVD, I excitedly snapped Steve to show the new last name on my temporary license.  I don’t think it was five minutes later that he called me to tell me we’re moving to Texas in four months.  Well, that’s how things work.

I’m excited to move, I’m basically always excited at something new or just doing anything, but it means   And while it’s only about 5 hours away, where we’re moving, it’s still far enough that anything that is a weekend or day trip here, won’t be from there. Besides, when we’re in Texas, we’ll have a whole other list of things we want to do.


Steve at White Sands


I’ve compiled and added to the list we already had so we can squeeze in any last adventures until June. Also, I have a broader Bucket List for more than just New Mexico, and a list for National Parks if you want to check that out.

My New Mexico Bucket List

  1. Hike Wheeler Peak
  2. Take a hot air balloon ride
  3. Visit Tent Rocks
  4. Ski Taos
  5. Take a star time lapse
  6. Go camping
  7. Visit White Sands
  8. Taos Box White Water Rapids
  9. Visit Roswell
  10. Alien adventures near Roswell
  11. Stand at the Four Corners
  12. Visit Carlsbad Caverns
  13. Visit Los Alamos- Manhattan Project
  14. Visit Hatch
  15. Visit Sandia Peak-ABQ
  16. Swim in the Blue Hole
  17. Visit the Aztec Ruins
  18. Stay in an Earthship
  19. Eat in Santa Fe
  20. Visit Valles Caldera
  21. Visit Shiprock
  22. Visit Taos Gorge
  23. Visit Gila Cliff Dwellings
  24. Visit Bisti Badlands
  25. Visit Bandelier National Monument


I’m always on the lookout for more things to do so if you know any secrets let me know!


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