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Must Read Travel Books

Must Read Travel Books

I’m so obsessed with books.  They’re probably the one reason I can’t live entirely out of a backpack.  Steve and I live pretty minimalistically, as much as people can who want to have a comfortable house.  And while I’d sell our couch or kitchen table or TV any day ( Steve might fight me on the TV part), but I could never let go of my books.  I have so many books I want to read and that includes travel writing- obviously.


Here’s a list of Must-read travel books.  Both ones I love and ones I’ve been told we need to read. I’m going to keep track as I go.  Keep checking back because I’m going to update as more books come out or I’m recommended more. And obviously I’ll keep updating what I’ve been reading.  I might even do some book reviews.

  1. On the Road- Jack Kerouac
  2. As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning- Laurie Lee
  3. Naples ’44- Norman Lewis
  4. Coasting- Jonathan Raban
  5. Travels with Charley- John Steinbeck
  6. Notes from a Small Island- Bill Bryson
  7. Homage to Catalonia- George Orwell
  8. The Beach- Alex Garland
  9. The Great Railway Bazaar- Paul Theroux
  10. The Road to Oxiana- Robert Byron
  11. Venice- Jan Morris
  12. In Patagonia- Bruce Chatwin
  13. The Sun Also Rises- Ernest Hemingway
  14. Wild Coast- John Gimlette
  15. A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush-Eric Newby
  16. Arabian Sands- Wilfred Thesiger
  17. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas- Hunter S. Thompson
  18. Our Man in Havana- Graham Greene
  19. The Journals- Captain Cook
  20. Among the Russians- Colin Thubron
  21. Into the Wild- Jon Krakauer
  22. Shantaram- Gregory David Roberts
  23. The Call of the Wild/ White Fang- Jack London
  24. Magic Bus- Rory Maclean
  25. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea- Jules Verne
  26. Down Under- Bill Bryson
  27. Three Cups of Tea- Greg Mortinsen
  28. The Quiet American- Graham Greene
  29. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance- Robert M. Pursig
  30. At First They Killed My Father- Loung Ung
  31. The Electric Kool-Aid Test- Tom Wolfe
  32. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn- Mark Twain
  33. The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
  34. The Motorcycle Diaries- Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara
  35. The Stranger- Albert Camus
  36. The Music of Chance- Paul Auster


Let me know what other books I should add to the list and what books you’ve read.

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