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Create a Writing Routine: Booklist

Create a Writing Routine: Booklist

For my Writing Routine Series I had to read a ton of craft and lifestyle books, well, I actually read a lot of these for fun so putting this together didn’t require a lot of extra reading.  But since I quote some of these works I thought I’d give a book list too. Hopefully this list and these posts will help you in creating your writing routine.

Table of Contents

writing routineHere are the books that I quote in the series:

  • Ron Carlson Writes a Story– Ron Carlson
  • Wild Mind– Natalie Goldberg
  • Writer with a Day Job– Áine Greany
  • Bird by Bird-Anne Lamott
  • Making a Literary Life– Carolyn See


Other Books I’ve enjoyed:

  • The Writer’s Workout– Christina Katz
  • Get a Freelance Life– Margit Feury Ragland
  • Manage your Day to Day– Jocelyn K. Glei
  • Time to Write– Kelly L. Stone
  • Living Write– Kelly L. Stone
  • Thinking Write– Kelly L. Stone
  • The Writer’s Little Helper– James V. Smith Jr.



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