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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

Am I the only one who loves seeing people’s daily routines? Hopefully not, because I’ve made my own A Day in the Life for everyone to enjoy. I found that writing this was a really interesting look at my own day and definitely made me see where I could improve and what ways I could be more productive. I read over some other posts like this from Happy Healthy Mama, Blair Blogs, Gimme Some Oven, and The Balanced Life for inspiration. Take a look at their posts for more peaks into people’s lives. I mean, it’s online… so it’s not weird, right?

Remember that this is a perfect day. This is not how it goes every day but this is what I strive for and, usually, can stick pretty well to this schedule. What work I actually get done during my “work” times is another story. There never seems to be enough time.

7AM: Wake up as Steve is leaving for work. Sometimes I try to wake up with him, to sort of get ready with him and start our days together, but…. that doesn’t usually happen. I go to the kitchen and drink a cup of cold water and feed the dog who has probably not gotten out of bed yet, or is stretching next to me wondering why we’re out of bed. I tidy the house quickly if anything is out of place from last night. I eat some breakfast and free write a page or two, either of something just on my mind or on something I’m already working on.

7:30 AM: On a good day I get dressed into workout clothes while my dog follows me around the house, knowing it’s time to go on a jog. I get her leash, and she jumps around while I put on my sneakers and we walk out the door. We go on a 30 minute walk/ jog depending on how I’m feeling. Dash says hello to all of her neighborhood dog friends while they bark loudly at us and probably make the whole neighborhood hate us.

8 AM: When we get home I take the trash to the curb (if it’s Monday or Thursday) and Dash and I play fetch a few times in the backyard just in case the run didn’t get all of her energy out.

8:15 AM: I take a shower and get ready for the day, then make a smoothie or other snack because, during the time of writing, I’m pregnant and need food like every three minutes or I get woozy. And, let’s be honest, when I’m not pregnant, I just like food.

9 AM: When I’m ready, I sit down either at my desk, the kitchen table, or sometimes the couch to get ready for work. I open my planner and glance over my day and then get started on my first task.

I try to keep at my desk, or wherever I’m working, until I’ve finished the task. Once I’m finished with a task I can change places if I want, which I usually do, to keep myself from burning out in one place or getting tired.

11 AM: Hopefully I’ve completed a few things and I take a break from sitting at the computer. I don’t know about you, and maybe it’s just because I’m getting old, but I need time for my eyes to be away from a screen. I do some household chores, either sweeping, cleaning the kitchen, some laundry, the bathrooms, or most likely, a combination of all of those things. Depending on the day I actually don’t mind these tasks. They’re not difficult, I get a break from using my brain, and I put music on really loudly and dance around like I’m a cast member in Footloose.

12 PM: I’ll sit down to do a few more things, usually admin after a morning of creative thinking. I usually do this in front of the TV so I have some background noise to help get me through the tedious work.

12:45 PM: Steve will usually come home for lunch. We eat together, sometimes something I’ve prepared, sometimes leftovers from dinner the night before, and sometimes something we order because neither one of us felt like preparing anything (Gyros from Hibiscus Café is a standard favorite). This sounds so house-wifey of me, but I actually really enjoy this time that he comes home. It breaks up the day and gives us a chance to talk about our mornings and what we want to do after work. I also like that it forces me to step away from my computer or phone. If I didn’t have this little break I would definitely work through lunch. From past experience, I know I burn out real quick when I don’t give myself enough breaks to be human.

1:45 PM: I get right back to some creative work. I work for an hour or two and then depending on what needs to be done that day, I either continue with admin (it’s tax time at the time of writing and I feel like I’m constantly filling out paperwork for one thing or another) or I run errands.

3 PM: Today I run on base to get some groceries that we ran out of over the past few days. I usually like ending the day with errands because- again- it breaks up from home/ work life. Leaving the house usually puts an endpoint in my brain, telling me that it’s time to hang it up for the day. Otherwise, I might continue to work, or even if I don’t work, my mind is still running and again, I tend to burn out this way.

5 PM: Steve gets home sometime around five. He feeds the cats, I feed the dog, and we have a few minutes of relaxing before we head to the gym.

5:30 PM: We spend between an hour and hour and a half in the gym. Steve is usually following a program so he’s pretty set and preoccupied with what he’s doing. I usually like to follow a program too but, in all honesty, going to the gym is becoming more and more difficult as my baby human grows larger. I tend to just go and pick either a body part or a group of muscles and do whatever exercises focus on them and feel good to my body at the time. Today it’s upper body. I work biceps and triceps, shoulders and a little chest. I take plenty of breaks in between, like an embarrassing amount of breaks, but obviously everyone can see I’m pregnant and I don’t care if they think I’m just lounging around the gym.

7:30 PM: It’s time for dinner, TV time, and catching up. We either cook dinner together or alternate in some way. We both like cooking and don’t really mind doing it so we share these duties pretty evenly. We make a usual today, chicken, rice, and a veggie. We clean up after and head to the living room.

8:30 PM: As we cuddle on the couch I usually look over my planner for the next day, adding in anything I need to get done and making sure I’m ready for the morning. This is really important for me to almost go to sleep with work in my head so that when I wake up I know what I need to do.


I love love love seeing what other people do during their days. I am constantly trying to find the best ways to be productive and effective while working from home. I know that my work from home schedule will dramatically change in the coming weeks as my human makes his or her appearance so please, tell me your secrets! I know I will need help.





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