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Frank & Joe’s Coffee House Review- Wichita Falls, TX

Frank and Joes

Frank & Joe’s Coffee House Review- Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls, surprisingly, has some great little places for coffee. When I first found out I’d be moving here I didn’t have high hopes. I know it was going to be better than Clovis, NM, where we were before, as far as more stores and shopping and just city things in general. But we were still in a smaller city, a few hours from anything major and I just didn’t know what to expect. It took me a few months to visit Frank & Joe’s, I’m not sure why, but once I did it’s the first place I think to go when I want to get out of the house to get some work done.

My first visit I was meeting with a local writer and social media professional from the area who I’d been emailing to get to know the area. She asked to meet with me at Frank and Joes to chat and I’m so glad she did. After our meeting I texted Steve right away to tell him we needed to come back. I was so excited that this coffee shop excited close to us and that I would be able to use it for work in the coming years.

Inside there are some cozy sofa chairs and couches. There’s also long tables with plenty of seating as well as smaller tables for sipping your drinks. Outside there is a pet friendly covered patio with more tables to continue working outside. There are study rooms that can be rented out where you can get some extra privacy. I have yet to use these but I’m sure if I got desperate to get some alone time for work I would definitely look into it. They look pretty cozy.


Hours: 6am- 10pm everyday
Small study room: $8
Large study room: $10

Other features:

Drive thru
Mimosa bar on Sundays
Beer selection
Merchandise for sale from local vendors

My Thoughts

Since moving to Wichita Falls this is one of my favorite places to come to write and do work on the computer. There are plenty of places to sit, even outside on the patio, so I never worry that I won’t have a comfy spot to set up. I like their extensive drink menu and like to try out something new when I go. Another thing that I like, or will like when I can drink again, is that they have beer in cans and on tap. Sometimes coffee just isn’t going to cut it so it’s fun to have beer available at a coffee shop. They usually have a pretty good selection and, when I can test them out, I’m sure Steve and I will stop by there more often to try them out.

They have a small food menu and while it’s usually enough to get me through a long work session, it’s not exactly drawing me into the shop. When I am hungry and want to go to a coffee shop this isn’t where I go. Not that that should stop you from popping in. It has great atmosphere, a great drink menu that keeps evolving, and is in a great location in town.

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