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A Wandering Scribbler
About Me

Hi, my name is Mackenzie from A Wandering Scribbler

Im a world traveler, writer, and new mom.

I grew up near Buffalo, New York but since graduating college I’ve spent most of my time elsewhere. I now live in Wichita Falls, Texas with my husband, son, our two cats, and dog.  Texas is my fifth “home” state and my second with my husband, Steve.  I’m sure you’ll see him around the site, along with our son Andrew, as they’re my favorite humans to photograph.


I’ve spent most of my life learning to write. Well, creatively write. I mastered writing in English some time in elementary school. (There’s actually a funny story from Norway where an acquaintance thought I was in my 20s and hadn’t yet learned to write. But that lost in translation story is for another time)


Back to writing…


I’ve spent my entire life learning how to craft stories: getting BAs in English and Writing and then my MFA in Creative Writing.


I spent my 20s traveling the world by myself and now in my late 20s I’m a new mom combining my two loves: travel and writing with the best thing I’ve created so far: my kid.


I created this blog to share my travels and adventures, my tips on family travel, and advice on all things writing life.


Thanks so much for visiting. Make sure to connect and tell me your story.

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