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Bucket List

Here’s my Bucket List!

Here’s my bucket list!  This is not my whole bucket list, as I’ve accomplished some things, but rather everything from right now forward.  I also don’t include countries or cities (because I honestly want to go everywhere) but if there’s a specific event or extremely special place I do list it.  Most things are travel related but some aren’t! More to come along the way.


For more specific lists, I have a New Mexico Bucket List, Texas Bucket List, and a National Parks Bucket List.


Or just take a look at my Bucket List Archives

  1. Hug an elephant

  2. Go skydiving in Dubai

  3. Go bungee jumping

  4. Go snorkeling (8/15 Barbados)

  5. Run a marathon

  6. Go ice fishing

  7. Read Čapek in Czech without a dictionary.

  8. Swim with dolphins in the wild

  9. Drive from east coast to west coast, USA

  10. Take a RTW trip 

  11. Take a hot air balloon ride

  12. Climb an active volcano (7/16- vesuvius)

  13. Zip line (8/15)

  14. Attend an Olympics

  15. Float in the Dead Sea

  16. Learn how to surf in Australia

  17. Snowboard in New Zealand

  18. See the Northern Lights

  19. Sleep in a castle

  20. Ride a camel

  21. Fly first class

  22. Ride in a Sea Plane

  23. Be in a film

  24. Spend the night in a haunted place

  25. Give a speech or lecture to at least 100 people

  26. Set a World Record

  27. Be interviewed on camera

  28. Visit at least 100 countries

  29. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (9/15)

  30. Go to an airport and take a random international flight

  31. Be ambidextrous

  32. Get a PhD

  33. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

  34. Find and meet a long, lost relative

  35. Stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora

  36. Visit all 50 states

  37. Be published in National Geographic

  38. Hold a koala bear.  (10/17/14)- Brisbane Australia

  39. Go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef (10/14)

  40. Swim in the Black Sea

  41. Hike the Alps (7/16 Italy)

  42. Have a conversation in French

  43. Give a TED Talk

  44. Walk on a glacier

  45. Rock Climb in Railay, Thailand

  46. Visit the Taj Mahal

  47. Visit All 7 continents (6 down, one to go!)

  48. Volunteer on an organic farm

  49. Visit every country in Europe 

  50. Visit every country in South America

  51. Visit at least 100 countries (40 to go)

  52. Live in at least 5 countries (3 to go)

  53. Participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony

  54. Swim with sharks

  55. Live on a beach for a few months

  56. Live in the Arctic for a few months

  57. Ride a Jetski

  58. Volunteer in an orphanage in a developing country

  59. Ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway

  60. Get my PADI Open Water diving certificate (10/14)- Cairns, Australia

  61. Get my PADI Advanced Open Water certificate-  (7/15)- Cyprus

  62. Go to a professional rugby game

  63. Take Thai boxing lessons

  64. Film a mockumentary

  65. Create a sketch comedy show




Does anything match on my list to yours?  Let me know in the comments below! And make sure to connect with me on Bucketlist.org!


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