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Where to Buy Japanese Stationery Online

Where to Buy Japanese Stationery Online

I love Japanese Stationery.  And I know I’m not the only one who does.  Even people who don’t have a crazy stationery fetish come to Japan and find themselves wandering through the endless aisles of stationery and marvel at their unique and aesthetic designs.  Last...

Where to Buy Japanese Stationery in Japan

Where to Buy Japanese Stationery in Japan

Last week we talked about the must-have Japanese stationery. So now, we obviously have to talk about where to find it.  If you’re in Japan, it’s quite easy, really, you can find stationery in almost any store you wander into, including your local Conbini like 7-11 or...

Must-Have Japanese Stationery

Must-Have Japanese Stationery

After living in Japan for a few months I started to learn how amazing their stationery is. As someone who has always had a love of pens and notebooks, I don't know how I've gone this far in life not knowing Japanese stationery is as amazing as it is.  So, if...

Travel Podcasts to Listen to At Home

Travel Podcasts to Listen to At Home

Being at home while you want to be out exploring the world can leave you feeling stuck.  When you’re TOLD to be home, it’s even worse.  Everything in your body is telling you to get out of the house, get off the couch, run to your nearest airport.  But,...

A Very Basic Guide to Japanese

A Very Basic Guide to Japanese

If you’re heading to Japan it’s really important to learn at least a little of the language.  Not only will it help you better interact with people, but it’ll be easier to navigate your way around the world.  While Tokyo usually has important signs in both...

January Favorites

January Favorites

Here we are with another monthly favorites post.  I love reading what other people are into, probably weird, but I thought I would hop on this trend both to capture what I'm loving at the moment and to give others ideas of new products (or non-physical things)...

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