If you follow me on social media (and you definitely should), or you’ve just noticed a change in the website content, then you know that I have added a new travel companion to the A Wandering Scribbler team. This companion isn’t going to be doing too much work around here, but he sure will be a cute addition to my photos and will inspire much of what I write about.

You guessed it. It’s my kid. My little boy, Andrew.

I won’t bore you with too much information. Everyone knows I could go on and on about how cute his chubby cheeks are or about how easy he made labor and delivery for me. But not everyone loves to hear those gory details. Basically I’m just writing this because I felt like Andrew needed a proper introduction to the site. I wrote other posts that feature him or are centered on travel with kids. I felt like I needed to show the inspiration behind these posts and… like I said before, I’ll take any excuse I can get to talk about the cutest boy I know.

I’m so excited to travel with him and show him the world. If I’m being honest, I love to travel by myself. But there’s something so exciting about taking along someone who has never seen the world. At the time of writing, he can’t even distinguish between home and some other place as long as mom and dad are there. I’m so looking forward to showing him new people and places and watching him learn and grow along the way.

As I’m writing I’m in the back seat of the car. I’m next to Andrew sleeping in his car seat while Steve is acting as our chauffeur. We’re on our way to Dallas, a two hour drive, for our first overnight trip away from home. I’ve only lived in Texas for a year, but I’ve been to Dallas many time.  It’s lost its appeal and newness. But now I feel excited again. Because it’s Andrew’s first time visiting and because it’s our first time away since he was born.

Andrew FlyingI know that taking Andrew- And Steve- back to some of my favorite places and exploring many new ones together.

Andrew hasn’t hindered my spirit for travel and adventure. He’s only reinspired me and made me even more excited to get back out there.

What were your thoughts when you had your first baby?  Let me know in the comments!

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