When I was putting together my baby registry it was really important for me to find a stroller that wouldn’t be huge and clunky. Not only did I not want to have a huge stroller to lug around day-to-day, but I didn’t want something that would be impossible to travel with. I knew that travel with a baby would add on a lot to my packing load and I didn’t want to regret buying a stroller when it came time to bring it on our adventures.

I think I’ve found the answer in the Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller. 

3DFlip Stroller

This stroller description by the manufacturer: “The new Summer Infant 3DFlip will change the way you look at Convenience Strollers. A Unique reversible seat design allows baby to face you when they are younger then face the world as they grow and become more curious. With an air light aluminum frame, it is effortless to push and super lightweight to carry. You’re going to flip when you see it!”

Stroller highlights:

  • Both rear and forward facing so it will grow along with your baby.
  • Very light frame- 14 pounds
  • Compact fold with auto lock
  • Carry strap
  • 5-point safety harness
  • One hand, 6 position recline (3 forward facing, 3 rear facing)
  • Infant Head support
  • Oversized adjustable canopy with peek-a-book window
  • Parent cup holder
  • Anti-shock front wheels
  • Side storage pocket
  • Cup holder

What I Think


  • So far I love this stroller.  It’s durable. We’ve taken it to a few countries and haven’t had any issues.  It’s been gate checked on dozens of flights and has stood up to the beating it no doubt gets. 
  • It’s light. I love that when I’m traveling alone I can handle my bags, my baby, and this stroller easily.  I don’t feel overwhelmed by stuff
  • It has a good recline. Even though I wish the recline, especially when rear facing, was a little further back, it goes back well enough that Andrew has no issues sleeping.  He isn’t all slouchy and I don’t worry about his neck cramping up. 
  • The Price. Kids are ridiculously expensive.  You can definitely shell out for a really expensive stroller, (hello, dream stroller), but if you’re trying to save a little, or just want a less expensive one for just travel, I think this one is perfect. 


  • It’s very light. Now this is definitely a positive, but it can also be annoying.  If I hang anything on the back, my purse, or a small backpack, it will tip over the moment I take Andrew out.  This isn’t the end of the world but I just have to readjust everything if I need to take him out for a diaper change or everything tips backwards as soon as he isn’t weighing it down.
  • The storage underneath isn’t massive. We can fit a few things under there but it’s hard to get to, especially when he’s rear facing.  This isn’t a great place to keep things you’re going to need to get to often. 
  • The wheels aren’t the smoothest.  We haven’t had any issues as far as them falling off or not working properly, but we can definitely notice that they are a little “stickier” than when we first bought it.  This isn’t to say that it really effects our journey, but it is just something to think about.
  • The cupholder. It’s pretty flimsy and not really useable if your drink isn’t completely closed and you don’t mind it falling out the minute you move.

If you aren’t completely sold on the Summer Infant 3D Flip, here are some other options you might want to look at.  Some are in the same price range and some that are definitely not. 

Other comparable Strollers:

  1. Pockit Lightweight Stroller- “The World’s Smallest Folding Stroller”
  2. Evenflo Minno Lightweight Stroller
  3. Costzon Foldable Baby Stroller Infant Pushchair
  4. Summer Infant 3D-One

Up-level strollers to splurge on:

  1. Cynebaby Newborn Baby Stroller for Infant and Todder
  2. Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller
  3. UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller
  4. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

These are some great options if you’re looking to get a new stroller for travel.  These are all light-weight, easy to maneuver, and comfortable for your child, all things you really want when out adventuring.  

What stroller do you use for travel?  Let me know in the comments!

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