You know winter means cold.

You know babies need extra gear to begin with.

Winter is no different.

I grew up in very cold weather in Buffalo so I’ve always been aware of how I handle cold weather what I needed for the cold travels.  When I had a Andrew we were living in Texas (still are) so it rarely got cold.

I’ll admit that I lost a little of my northern skin since living in the south. But at least I could always deal and I still had thick jackets and gloves for layering.  But my little Texan baby, being born at the end of spring, had no idea what cold was.

When I was planning our trip to Buffalo for Christmas, I made sure to look at his clothes and what we would need to bring with us.  Now that we’re planning for Finland and the rest of Scandinavia, I wanted to go over it again to see what else he might need now that he’s a little bigger and more mobile

Winter Travel with an Infant

Here is what got us through a cold winter in Buffalo, and what we are bringing with us to Finland.

If you’re looking to travel during winter with your little one this list is a great place to start.  Head over to our Facebook group to get more advice and ideas from other traveling families.

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Must-Haves for Winter Travel with an Infant
Must-Haves for Winter Travel with an Infant