It’s always important to consider specialist travel requirements for when you’re pregnant, and this doesn’t change once the baby has arrived. In the first few days, it is hard to imagine wanting to take your little bundle of joy anywhere but safely home and yet, once the introductions to friends and family have been made, you might like the idea of a vacation. Once babies are two days old, they are able to travel with almost every airline, although in order to do so you will need to get them a passport and possibly even a visa, depending on the destination. It’s also important to make sure your newborn is included in your travel insurance.

But once you have done your paperwork, how do you take your little baby on vacation for the very first time and what are the best tips to help make it an enjoyable experience for all of you?

Here are four top tips to get you going.

1. Buy a bigger suitcase and pack it carefully

Babies might be small and perfectly formed but they come with an extraordinary amount of stuff. It is worth remembering that baby food and milk aren’t covered by the same airport restrictions on liquids that the rest of us are – depending on how old your baby is, you may need to take both. The key is to make a list and tick your items off as you put them into the suitcase. If it’s your first trip away you are likely to forget something – but don’t panic, the likelihood is you will be able to buy it there.

2. Bring plenty to occupy them when you are traveling

When babies are really tiny, they sleep a lot. And if you are taking the little one on a plane, they will hopefully do the same – although many parents will tell you it never works out like that! If your child is any more than 3 months old, they will need to be entertained and occupied in some way. So, take a small bag of your child’s favorite toys or playthings, anything shiny (like keys) is usually a winner. If your baby is teething make sure you take a teething ring or some plastic keys they can chew on.

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3. Think about how and when you will feed your baby

Breastfeeding is clearly highly convenient when you are traveling. No equipment, no bottles, always available. But if you are formula-feeding, try to buy a few pre-made bottles that you can use on the journey. This will minimize the fuss of preparing a bottle on the go. Feeding your child during take-off and landing will also help them avoid any issues with pressure in their ears and, of course, it will help them sleep more easily (which can be helpful if you are due to land in a new time zone).

4. Make sure your hotel has everything you need

When you are traveling somewhere with your little baby it is really important to call ahead and make sure the hotel or your accommodation has everything you need. Don’t take it for granted that the cot, bedding, high chair, and even baby bath will be where you need it to be when you arrive. Just make sure of it.

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