It’s December!  Which means it’s almost Christmas.  If you’re like me, you’ve been thinking for months now about what to get the important people in your life but… have yet to actually purchase anything.  I love looking at Gift Guides each year because it’s such a great way to get new ideas or find things you want to put on your own list.  This year I’ve decided to come out with a couple so check out our other gift guides for even more ideas for this Christmas.

Here we are with our intangible gift ideas! As someone who moves a lot (in the past 4 years I’ve lived in 4 different homes in 3 states and 2 countries) I am fully aware of how much stuff we own, and how much we actually use.  And while I’m not a minimalist by any means (I enjoy books and notebooks and my kids have more toys than they know what to do with) I still like keeping things to a minimum.  I don’t like clutter around the house and I definitely don’t like packing and unpacking a million things that may or may not fit into the next house we live in.

Intangible gifts are great for anyone, whether or not they want to cut down on the things in their lives.  They’re great for kids especially because intangible usually means giving an experience.  While kids love toys, experiences are things kids will remember long after they outgrow their toys.  And they’re also great for adults because we often want to do things for ourselves but don’t want to spend the money (hello, mom guilt).  This way, we cut that out and force parents to take care of themselves or have an adventure away from the kids.

So, a Disney gift card can technically be used at Disney stores.  But, you can add in a little extra requirement that it has to be used on a vacation of some kind.  So many families want to take their littles to Disney but it’s SO EXPENSIVE.  A gift card can certainly help with that.

Spa Day

Here’s one of those items where parents (or non-parents)  would love to spend a day at the spa but might not want to spend the money on it.  Giving a gift card to a local spa or setting up an appointment for them is a great way to help them to relax and have an enjoyable day.

Wine Tasting

You could make that beer tasting, whisky tasting, chocolate tasting, anything they love or want to try out.  Sampling various foods or beverages is a great way to learn more but is also an experience they won’t soon forget.

A Language Course

Know someone who has always wanted to learn another language? Or someone traveling soon? A language course is a fun way to prepare for travels or just an opportunity to learn something new.  And often, people won’t spend the money on something like this for themselves.

A Dance Lesson

Family Travel Resource Guide

Premium Subscription for An App or Service

Give the gift of a new subscription or get a gift card for one they use already.

  1. Spotify
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Netflix
  4. Hulu
  5. Kindle Unlimited
  6. Audible

Air Miles

If you’ve saved up some air miles with your own travels you can always transfer these to a friend to help on their next trip.  You can also buy miles specifically for them.  But before purchasing, I would research if buying miles or just a gift card for the airline would be better.  Different airlines have better values for miles vs. money so just make sure whichever one is more valuable for them.

Membership for a museum, aquarium, or science center

So here I’ve given a good starter of intangible gifts but there are infinite possibilities.  The important thing is to think about the experience when you’re coming up with your own.  And intangible gifts are so personalized, even more so than regular gifts.  It really comes down to the interests of the person or things they’ve always wanted to do.  And make sure it’s something they can actually use.  You don’t want to give something that’s impossible to use or will expire before they can get to it.

Other Options:

  1. Offer Babysitting Services (5 Date nights of their choice)
  2. Offer House Cleaning or another task they can never get to/hate
  3. Free Car Washes

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