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If you’ve been around here for a while you know I love a list. I make lists of everything. To dos. Wish lists. Milestones for the kids. And yes, even bucket lists. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with bucket lists (because I think sometimes people focus on crossing things off of it instead of enjoying it—but that’s for a different time), I do think that having a list for the holidays is necessary. The holidays, especially when you have little ones, can go by so quickly. We’re all so busy we don’t always stop enjoy the little things. And, with those kids I just mentioned, I want to make sure I’m creating memories and traditions that they’ll remember forever.

And so this year I’ve decided to put together a little bucket list of things I want to do for the holidays so I can make sure the kids and I are (at least attempting) to hit all of the things that make the holidays feel so special.

This list may not be all-inclusive. I’m sure other, craftier moms will have more things on their lists, but for us, living in Japan at the moment, I wanted to hit some typical and tradition holiday items as well as must-dos for Japan.

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Here is our list!

  1. Mail a letter to Santa
  2. Make an ornament
  3. Go skiing.
  4. Send handmade cards to family
  5. Make a Christmas playlist (one that doesn’t make me want to puke)
  6. Donate toys/ items we don’t use
  7. Decorate the tree– Here I would love to write pick out our own REAL tree and bring it home. But… we live in Tokyo.  In an apartment.  Ain’t happening.
  8. Watch Holiday movies
  9. Build a snowman/make snow angels… so far we haven’t seen any snow.
  10. Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  11. Make Christmas Garland with Cheerios
  12. Wrap presents with the kids– so, as of writing in 2019, I have a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old. It’s questionable how much they really understand about buying things, wrapping them, and then giving them to someone else to open.  Andrew, the 2-year-old, does get excited to give people gifts, but I’m hoping that this Christmas he can get on board with wrapping and “hiding” the presents to then surprise someone with.  But that might be wishful thinking.
  13. Build a gingerbread house- or an Oreo house.
  14. Hang stockings
  15. Make Cookies
  16. Eat a Candy Cane
  17. Take a family Christmas photo
  18. Leave Cookies for Santa
  19. Go on a snowy hike in Nagano
  20. Decorate the house
  21. Wear Matching PJs
  22. Give each other a book on Christmas Eve
  23. Make Christmas Dinner
  24. Spend Christmas in our PJs
  25. Find Holiday Lights in Tokyo
  26. Track Christmas on our Advent Calendar
  27. Try Ice Skating
  28. Visit an Onsen
  29. See Winter Illuminations
  30. Go to a Christmas Market in Tokyo
  31. Chichibu Night Festival 
  32. Christmas at Disney. 
  33. Make Hot Pot Dishes 

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Holiday Bucket List for Japan
Holiday Bucket List for Japan