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So, I love Christmas. I love the lights, the snow, the warm drinks, the coziness, but I’m not like a die-hard Joy-To-The World let’s sing Christmas songs all day.  I actually don’t listen to any Christmas music until literally December 24th.  And so while there are plenty of lists online for all of the Christmas movies out there, or the best ones, or even just ones for kids.  My list… is exclusive.  It needs to make me laugh, make me feel cozy, or remind me of waking up on Christmas morning as a kid.  Which is a tall order apparently. Because when I was putting this list together I realized how much of a scrooge I am about most things surrounding Christmas. But here it is anyway, my tiny, very predictable Favorite Christmas movie list.

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Elf- I mean, does anything really need to be said?

The Grinch – All of the versions.  They each have their own good qualities.  I think we start watching them in October.

Harry Potter– Not a Christmas movie, you say?  You’re wrong.

The Nightmare Before Christmas– This isn’t one I would watch myself but my husband loves it and I’ve come to like it because he does

Muppets A Christmas Carol– We used to watch this on Christmas Eve when we were too excited to fall asleep

Home Alone 2– I mean, I wanted to be Kevin McCallister with a credit card in a fancy hotel at Christmas.

Doctor Who Christmas Specials– Not really a movie, but they are some of my favorites and always welcome on a cozy night in.

The Polar Express– If you don’t feel all Christmas-sy and sentimental then I don’t know what will.

Frozen– So… if you’re a parent you’ve seen Frozen.  So I’m counting it as a Christmas movie because it’s on repeat over here.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who is iffy about the more sappy side of Christmas.  And if you’re like me, please tell me what Christmas movies you love because I’ll probably love them too.

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favorite christmas movies
favorite Christmas movies