What is A Wandering Scribbler & Co.?

  • A family searching for excitement in our daily life.

  • A family looking to make the most out of living in Japan.

  • A family with a passion for travel, adventure, and the outdoors.

  • A mom not ready to settle just because I have kids.

  • A writer wanting to share our stories with the world.

AWS&Co. can help YOU do it. We’re here to make sure that you have the tools and resources you need to get out and see the world the way you want.

So, What Are Some Things Holding You Back?

  • The financial freedom to travel (Kids are expensive…)

  • The TIME to travel.

  • The knowledge and information to get out there.

  • Support from others like you

I mean… I can’t make your boss give you a raise while also months of vacation time… but I can help you…

  • stretch your dollar to travel to those big name places.

  • show you how to travel locally and not feel like you’re missing out.

  • give you the help you need to feel comfortable leaving your house (and possibly your country) with your kids.

  • have the tools to plan amazing trips.

  • get inspiration for new places to visit.

  • find a community of like-minded people just like you.

Don’t Get Me Wrong… Travel with Kids is not As Easy As When You Were Alone.

BUT! It’s not impossible!

With a little help you can reach your travel dreams and live the life you want.

I grew up near Buffalo, New York but since graduating college I’ve spent most of my time elsewhere. I now live in Toyko, Japan with my husband, son, and daughter.  Japan is my third country I’ve lived in on 3 continents, and Steve’s second country to live in in Asia (he’s lived in Korea as well).  I’m sure you’ll see plenty of him around the site, along with our son Andrew, as they’re my favorite humans to photograph.

I’ve been to 65 Countries, mostly solo, and have gained a ton of knowledge about the world and how to more easily travel.  Now that I’m a mom I want to take my son along with me.  Slowly we’re crossing things off of our list and experiencing a new kind of adventure with my little travel buddy.

We’re also a military family so we have a unique life that gives us the opportunity to experience new home towns every few years.  Whether you’re also a military family, one that frequently moves, or just interested in finding new places to move, I can help share my experience of traveling around in this way.

What else?

I’ve spent most of my life learning to write. Well, creatively write. I mastered writing in English some time in elementary school. (There’s actually a funny story from Norway where an acquaintance thought I was in my 20s and hadn’t yet learned to write. Talk about lost in translation). After learning to write, I’ve learned how to craft stories: getting BAs in English and Writing from the University of Pittsburgh and then my MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University.

I started this blog in 2012 to document my travels around the world.  While I enjoyed writing and telling my stories, it wasn’t until I had a baby that my vision for this blog came about and gave me a real motivation to help other families, like you.

When I was pregnant, everyone who knew how much I traveled kept telling me it was over.  They said I would now “settle down,” live our little life in Texas, and never be as adventurous as I once was.  Those who REALLY knew me, knew that wasn’t the case.  I want to show those who think having a baby or starting a family is the end of your life that this is just the next step in the journey.  You can still be yourself, you might just need to make a few more bathroom breaks now.

I Have:

  • Summited Kilimanjaro
  • Took overnight trains in Russia
  • Cruised around the Caribbean
  • Learned to SCUBA dive in Australia
  • Searched for Aliens in Roswell, New Mexico
  • Explored the Peruvian Andes
  • Went Island hopping in Croatia
  • Studied at Charles University in Prague
  • Road Tripped around Ireland
  • Worked in a hostel in New Zealand
  • Hiked in the Italian Alps
  • Visited Ancient Ruins in Mexico
  • Kayaked in Montenegro
  • And More!

Together We Have:

  • Hiked the Italian Alps
  • Rode Camels in Morocco
  • Cruised the Seine in Paris
  • Attended High Tea in London
  • Played on the beach in Grand Cayman
  • Ate our way around Tokyo
  • Soaked in Hot Springs in Iceland
  • Rode kiddie trains around Montmartre
  • Napped through the Chunnel
  • Took overnight ferries in Baltic
  • Ate our way around Epcot
  • Watched hockey in Finland
  • Explored Gamla Stan in Stockholm
  • And More!

The “And Co.” part of this equation are my husband and kids.

Stephen, Andrew, and Amelia haven’t been on all of my trips with me but they’ve been on some of the most memorable ones.  While Andrew and Amelia are still very young they’re already on track to being more well-traveled than I am. I mean, at 2 and 6 months old they moved to Japan. I definitely wasn’t that cool at that age.

Recent Trips:

  1. Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

  2. France, Italy, Morocco, England

  3. Orlando/Disney World

  4. Road Trip from Texas to New York

Upcoming Trips:

  1. Tokyo Disneyland

  2. Osaka, Japan

  3. Okinawa, Japan

  4. Osan and Seoul, South Korea

  5. Let us know where else we should visit!

Thanks for visiting! Make sure to keep in touch and reach out if you have any questions on getting started!