5 Beginner Travel Hacking Tips You Can Start NOW

Travel Hacking is this crazy thing that you hear of once in a while on Facebook.  Someone used points or credits to get a free roundtrip flight from Atlanta to Thailand with stops in Europe and Australia in First Class with stays in high-end hotels right on the beach. All completely free. That sounds amazing [...]

5 Beginner Travel Hacking Tips You Can Start NOW2018-03-11T21:29:47-05:00

Must-Haves for Winter Travel with an Infant

You know winter means cold. You know babies need extra gear to begin with. Winter is no different. I grew up in very cold weather in Buffalo so I’ve always been aware of how I handle cold weather what I needed for the cold travels.  When I had a Andrew we were living in Texas [...]

Must-Haves for Winter Travel with an Infant2018-02-28T07:05:52-05:00

How to Learn a Second Language Along with Baby

I’ve always wanted to be bilingual.  Even before I started traveling, I wanted to be able to unlock that secret code of another language. Despite being decent at a few languages: like being able to read in French (nothing too difficult of course), or having casual conversations in Czech.  They’re both difficult for me and [...]

How to Learn a Second Language Along with Baby2018-02-26T21:35:23-05:00

Family Travel Stories: Lesli from This Crazy Homeschool Life

You see traveling families online. They live in a van, sleep on the beach, and cook over an open fire. They travel full-time, moving from gorgeous hotel to luxurious rental home and visiting amazing locations. Or maybe they have a mortgage, children in school, and a 9 to 5. But guess what?  They all make [...]

Family Travel Stories: Lesli from This Crazy Homeschool Life2018-02-19T12:56:46-05:00

In-Flight Tips for Traveling with a Baby

Possibly the most difficult part about actual travel with a baby is the plane.  Most other places you can excuse yourself when your child gets fussy. You have many tools for getting your baby to sleep or keeping him happy that just won’t work on a plane. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel or [...]

In-Flight Tips for Traveling with a Baby2018-02-12T21:30:48-05:00

7 Tips for Hiking with a Baby

If you’ve loved hiking before there’s no need to stop now that you have a baby. If you’ve never hiked in your life, it might be time to start. Going Hiking with your baby is a great way to get out, see some new sites, and get baby, and yourself, some fresh air. Steve, Andrew [...]

7 Tips for Hiking with a Baby2018-02-12T21:15:19-05:00

How to Use Trello for Travel Planning

Travel planning can be fun. It’s exciting to day dream and think of your travels. But it can be overwhelming. How many flight itineraries do you search through? What airports are the cheapest? How many days are we staying in each city? What should we do while there? All of these questions can add up.  From the moment [...]

How to Use Trello for Travel Planning2018-02-09T08:32:29-05:00

Family Travel Camera Gear Guide

Traveling with kids usually means tons of extra “stuff.”  You don’t want to be weighed down by even more camera gear and accessories. I’ve put together this guide of essentials, a few extras to get you started and some alternative options. Like any of the packing lists or “what’s in my bags” that I’ve done [...]

Family Travel Camera Gear Guide2018-02-13T20:19:23-05:00

World Nomads Travel Insurance FAQ

Are you looking for travel insurance for your next trip? Look no further. World Nomads has been my go-to insurance company for travel for a few years now while I’ve made my way to all corners of the globe, with and without my son. World Nomads provides travel insurance to travelers from over 140 countries. [...]

World Nomads Travel Insurance FAQ2018-01-31T09:39:13-05:00

How to Prepare for Solo Travel with Baby

Are you going on a solo flight with your infant? Are you freaking out a little bit? I’ve got you covered.   Andrew and I often travel alone.  While it can be tricky,  it’s not impossible. It’s definitely worth it for the two of us to get away. I’ve come up with some tips and [...]

How to Prepare for Solo Travel with Baby2018-02-13T20:18:48-05:00
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