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Welcome to our FAQ page!

Take a look around to have some of your questions answered.  If you still have some, want some more specific advice, or just want to say hi! Visit my Contact page to get in touch.

Who do you travel with?2017-09-14T20:17:39-05:00

Up until recently I traveled mostly by myself.  Once in a while I would travel with family or friends but consistently it was solo.  I would often meet up with other travelers along the way (ones I knew previously or ones I just met) and would move around with them.

Now that Andrew is in my life, he’s my travel companion.  Most of the time Steve is with us too, but his job is much less accommodating of spur of the moment international trips (win 1 for being my own boss 🙂 ).  In most of my posts I’ll specify who is with me so you’ll always know what style of travel I’m doing.  But, for the most part, you can assume Andrew is always with me (and most of my writing revolves around his needs and how to make our travels together easier so you’ll never be confused on who’s with me).

Where is your favorite place you’ve been?2017-09-14T20:16:45-05:00

This is such a hard question! But it’s definitely the most asked.  The more I travel, the more I fall in love with new places- both ones I’ve just been to or ones I have yet to visit.  My go-to answer though is Prague.  This is the first place I really traveled and explored.  This is the first place I lived away from home (other than my college dorm room) and this is where I fell in love with travel.  Prague has so many great memories for me and I love going back.  I can’t wait to take Andrew along.

Some of my other favorite places are:

  1. Taos, New Mexico
  2. Liechtenstein
  3. Vilnius, Lithuania
  4. Iceland
  5. Paracas, Peru
  6. Punakaiki, New Zealand
  7. Cairns, Australia
  8. Kotor, Montenegro
  9. Italian Alps
  10. Berlin, Germany
What kind of camera do you use?2017-09-14T20:16:51-05:00

I use a few cameras during my travels and at home.  I have the Canon G7x as well as a Canon 70d (I guess we’re a Canon family).  For video, I tend to use the G7x more because it’s lighter and I can lug it around more easily but for photos I use the 70d.  Both cameras are great but I think the quality, especially for portraits, is better on the 70d.  Besides, I can change lenses and have more functionality with the 70d so it’s my go-to.

If you want to see what else I use for travel or blogging you can see my resources page.

What did you study in school?2017-09-14T20:16:56-05:00

I went to the University of Pittsburgh to study Writing.  Somewhere along the way I decided to double major and now also have a degree in English.  After undergrad I went right into the MFA program at Spalding University to study Creative Writing.  This is such a unique program in that I was able to live or work wherever I wanted while studying remotely, and then once I year I traveled to a different international location for residency where we did more intensive, in person work.  Talk about THE DREAM program.



Where have you been?2017-09-14T20:17:07-05:00

I’ve been to 65 countries, mostly solo.  With Andrew we are slowly crossing things off of our list so make sure that you follow along on our journey.  For a complete list, as well as links to help you decide on your own destinations, check out my Destinations page.

What’s a Wandering Scribbler?2017-09-14T20:17:13-05:00

That’s me! I jokingly gave myself that nickname because I travel (Wander) and write (Scribble).  But really, it’s anyone that also travel and writes.  Now that I have a family, I added the “and Co.” because… Andrew and Steve don’t write (yet), but they come along on my harebrained travels.  To learn more about me head over to my about page.

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