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I love packing lists.  I love seeing what others take with them on their trips.  It’s like a sneak peak into their bags that I can’t get enough of.  I also think they’re practical when I’m visiting a new place or trying out something new and don’t know what to pack.  This little bit of advice can make or break a trip by preparing you for what is to come.  I’m ever so grateful when people write up complete and comprehensive packing lists and I feel more at ease when I follow their advice and have a great time wherever it is I may be going.

So here are mine!  I’ll be adding to them along the way so be sure to check back to see what I’ve been up to and what new information I have to share.

You can also check out my resources page to see my favorite things for day to day life, or what I always bring with me on trips.



Kid’s Winter Gear Guide

To get ready for Christmas, I've decided to do 12 blog posts every day leading up to Christmas.  Here they are!  Check back each day for a new post or go HERE to see what's been posted already. Like we’ve talked about, having fun outside in winter can be as easy as changing the way you’re dressed. And [...]

November Favorites

Here we are with another monthly favorites post.  I love reading what other people are into, probably weird, but I thought I would hop on this trend both to capture what I'm loving at the moment and to give others ideas of new products (or non-physical things) that I'm loving at the moment. Place Visited Universal Japan [...]

Must-Haves for Winter Travel with an Infant

You know winter means cold. You know babies need extra gear to begin with. Winter is no different. I grew up in very cold weather in Buffalo so I’ve always been aware of how I handle cold weather what I needed for the cold travels.  When I had a Andrew we were living in Texas (still are) so it [...]

Family Travel Camera Gear Guide

Traveling with kids usually means tons of extra “stuff.”  You don’t want to be weighed down by even more camera gear and accessories. I’ve put together this guide of essentials, a few extras to get you started and some alternative options. Like any of the packing lists or “what’s in my bags” that I’ve done on this site, it’s [...]

Carry-On Packing Help: Solid Toiletries for Travel

Are you looking to travel carry-on only? Do you want to find aa way around TSA liquid rules? Try out some solid toiletries.  It’s such a pain to need to take out so many bottles, have spills in your bag, or find bottles small enough to be legal.  This might mean you have to leave things behind. There are [...]

Must-Haves for Staying in a Hotel with a Baby

We often stay in hotels with Andrew.  Whether it’s a week vacation, a weekend away or just an overnight, we have definitely racked up some hotel time. Staying with a baby brings it’s own challenges. But these challenges shouldn’t keep you from getting away from home or having a good time.  We put together a list of must-haves for [...]

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