A Very Basic Guide to Japanese

If you’re heading to Japan it’s really important to learn at least a little of the language.  Not only will it help you better interact with people, but it’ll be easier to navigate your way around the world.  While Tokyo usually has important signs in both Japanese and English, many smaller towns and cities are [...]

A Very Basic Guide to Japanese2020-02-13T05:30:31-06:00

In-Flight Tips for Traveling with a Baby

Possibly the most difficult part about actual travel with a baby is the plane.  Most other places you can excuse yourself when your child gets fussy. You have many tools for getting your baby to sleep or keeping him happy that just won’t work on a plane. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel or [...]

In-Flight Tips for Traveling with a Baby2018-02-12T21:30:48-06:00

World Nomads Travel Insurance FAQ

Are you looking for travel insurance for your next trip? Look no further. World Nomads has been my go-to insurance company for travel for a few years now while I’ve made my way to all corners of the globe, with and without my son. World Nomads provides travel insurance to travelers from over 140 countries. [...]

World Nomads Travel Insurance FAQ2018-01-31T09:39:13-06:00

How to Prepare for Solo Travel with Baby

Are you going on a solo flight with your infant? Are you freaking out a little bit? I’ve got you covered.   Andrew and I often travel alone.  While it can be tricky,  it’s not impossible. It’s definitely worth it for the two of us to get away. I’ve come up with some tips and [...]

How to Prepare for Solo Travel with Baby2018-02-13T20:18:48-06:00

How These Traveling Families Fund Their Travels

“You must be rich.” If you travel regularly, you’ve probably heard this many times from those around you. Or, maybe you’ve said this to others. Either way, it’s probably not the case. Though I’m sure most people wish it was. In reality, most families that travel frequently have different ways they fund their adventures.  Some [...]

How These Traveling Families Fund Their Travels2018-01-31T07:02:48-06:00

12 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Airport Experience with a Baby

Do airports stress you out? Does having a baby with you make it even crazier? I get it.   There are so many reasons why air travel stresses people out (myself included): the crowds; the time crunch; lugging around your possessions; and so much more. That stress seemed to triple when I started traveling with my [...]

12 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Airport Experience with a Baby2018-01-31T09:44:32-06:00

Must-Haves for Staying in a Hotel with a Baby

We often stay in hotels with Andrew.  Whether it’s a week vacation, a weekend away or just an overnight, we have definitely racked up some hotel time. Staying with a baby brings it’s own challenges. But these challenges shouldn’t keep you from getting away from home or having a good time.  We put together a [...]

Must-Haves for Staying in a Hotel with a Baby2018-01-31T09:46:26-06:00

Best Strollers for Travel

When I was putting together my baby registry it was really important for me to find a stroller that wouldn’t be huge and clunky. Not only did I not want to have a huge stroller to lug around day-to-day, but I didn’t want something that would be impossible to travel with. I knew that travel with [...]

Best Strollers for Travel2018-01-31T09:52:34-06:00

7 Mistakes I’ve Made while Flying with Baby

Are you worried about traveling with your littles? Do you think you'll mess up? Well, you probably will. But don't worry about it! I've messed up plenty and have been in some awkward situations but, you know what? it all ended up fine.  We survived, had a great time on our travels, and I definitely [...]

7 Mistakes I’ve Made while Flying with Baby2018-02-13T20:17:23-06:00

5 Essential Must-Haves for a Family Holiday

A family holiday is perhaps an ambitious feat, especially when it’s your first time. There’s a whole new level of preparation to undertake, as well as potential for stress and conflict between you all. Don’t let it be that way. Ensure you’ve got these 5 must-haves for a family holiday in order to make it [...]

5 Essential Must-Haves for a Family Holiday2018-01-31T09:55:28-06:00
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